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Pro x ZoMBiiE's 10th/ ModMenu/VIP Lobbies!

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Pro x ZoMBiiE's 10th/ ModMenu/VIP Lobbies!

Post by ZoMBiiE on Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:09 am

GoDIVIoDz Clan Lobbies



Patch Created by Pro x ZoMBiiE!

XMAN wrote:Lobby Verified. Was a great lobby and a very nice guy. Buy from him.

Verified by XMAN

Please post legit and thank topic after you get in.

We are now accepting MSP!

Please donate: $10 to proxmodzz@hotmail.com


Pick a Prestige (1-11)
Disco Vision (On/Off)
Individually activated Mods
Model Menu
All guns at spawn
Chrome Mod
Invisible Name
All Attachments (Including Aperture sight which none others have)
Actual Mod Menu! (Never before seen)
And much more!

There is also Host Migration Enabled and Join in Session enabled so you can buy a lobby from me if you would like.

$5 - 10 minutes
$10 - 30 minutes
$25 - Hour
$50 - 3 Hours

Patch File:

Pre-modded Disk:

All Payments go to proxmodzz @ hotmail.com via PayPal

My gamertag is Pro x ZoMBiiE

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